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Data Analysis

In a world driven by data, innovative techniques must be adopted for an in-depth analysis of any structured data set

Data Visualization

aether provides the means to extract information from data, thus conveying knowledge in catchy, intuitive ways

Customer centered

Different companies have different needs: aether is taylor designed and developed onto your own data set

Choose aether if you want

Dynamic and interactive web-based solution

Dashboards with user-friendly infographics

Merging BI with agile software development

Fast, visual and interactive access to information

Easier understanding of trends and features

Highly customized targeted digital solutions

aether applied to New Space Economy

Since 2014, Global Satellite Industry Revenues have constantly increased

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Number of orbital launches per country and spaceport in 2017

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Number of orbital launch per country in the time frame 2014-2019

just a simple, static, barchart

Same information, but geolocalized

hover on a country to get informationevery plot can be downloaded

What about time evolution?

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Human Orbital Spaceflight Statistics: space stations at a glance

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The manufactured satellite are divided into following mission types

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Aulab is a Software House specialized in Agile Software Development and IT Training. We work and teach in our tech coworking space. Our specialties are Web Development, Marketing Automation, Blockchain, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence.


g-nous provides companies and organisations with tailored and innovative solutions for business intelligence and for boosting cross-sectorial contamination and opportunities in the downstream market, through the activation of networking and stakeholder engagement frameworks.